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With Lake Mead Cruises, you can get a great perspective on the engineering marvel called Hoover Dam. From the blue, tranquil waters of Lake Mead, gaze upon one of the man-made engineering wonders of the modern world.
Hoover Dam is 726 feet tall and is 45 feet wide at the top and 660 feet thick at the bottom. There is enough concrete in Hoover Dam (4 1/2 million cubic yards) to build a 4 foot wide sidewalk around the Earth at the Equator. During peak electricity periods, enough water runs through the generators to fill 15 average sized swimming pools (20,000 gallons each) in 1 second. Every state in the United States furnished supplies and materials for the construction of Hoover Dam.

All of Lake Mead Cruises' excursions take in this wondrous sight. Just another reason for you to take an "Outrageously Great Tour." When you get back to dry land, make a point of seeing the mighty Hoover Dam up close - it's just minutes away from the Lake Mead Cruises Landing. This magnificent monument to man's unending vision is open all year round.

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